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A trademark is a mark, sign, or design that helps consumers identify a service or good.

Why register your trademark?

Simple. Consumers buy more from the marks and brands they recognize, then those they don't. A strong brand equals more money for the brand's owener. 

How Can The Law Office of Eden A. Jackson help you? 

The first step in building a strong brand, is to protect that brand through the trademark process. 

Trademark Search & Registration Package

o   Includes:

§  Search for one class of goods/services 

§  Comprehensive trademark search, includes:

§  Federal trademark database

§  Web search

§  Social Media

§  Domains

§  Trademark search results memo

§  Assistance with gathering the required documentation

§  Preparing and filing the trademark application

§  Correspondence with client

§  Correspondence with the trademark office

§  Serving as the Attorney of Record for your application to ensure smooth processing (approx. 8-12 months)

Additional Classes

A class is a category of goods or services that you want to protect your trademark for (i.e. toys). One class is included in the trademark service fee. If you want to secure additional classes, there is a filing fee of $375 per additional class.

Intent-To-Use Applications

If you want to secure your trademark for a product or service that you are not yet selling, we can do an Intent-to-Use application. There will be an additional filing fee of $100 per class when you have your evidence of use (i.e. a website screenshot where you sell the product/service). You will have 6 months to provide your evidence of use after your trademark application is accepted. If 6 months is not enough time, then we can file up to 5 extensions of 6 months each for a filing fee of $125 per class for each extension.

Payment Plans are Avaliable Upon Request 

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